What is Business Model You?

Business Model You is a methodology, co-created by individuals and organisations from 43 countries. To put it simply, it takes the principles that used to only apply to businesses and transfers them to each individual.

Why? The labour market has changed dramatically in a short period of time. Only few people have a job guaranteed after they finish school; not many people work for the same employer their whole life; and there is a wide variety of different services around us, forcing us to choose between them. That is why creating and maintaining a career has become a lot like creating and maintaining a successful business. As a consequence, we all need to become more business-like, no matter if we are employees, contractors, entrepreneurs or business owners.

Becoming more business-like requires the understanding of the most crucial part of each business: its business model. Business models describe the logic that it uses to create and deliver a particular value to a specific set of clients, and how it gets paid for doing so. The main insight of Business Model You is that we as individuals also create value and deliver it to our customers for some sort of compensation, meaning that we have our personal business models.

What do we do at the workshop?

Our task is to help you describe, explain, improve or create a new personal business model of your own. This means that we will follow the Business Model You methodology together, including the use of personal canvas. After the workshop, the participants can see which are their strengths and what differentiates them from everyone else. This can help young adults choose the appropriate university, and it makes it easier for employed individuals to decide which should be the next step on their career path. It is important to note here that we won't provide you these answers - you will discover them yourself with the help of a pre-prepared and guided process.


•    Values, missions, vision and goals of the individual.
•    What do I know and what do I have? Competencies (knowledge, skills, attitudes).
•    Using Business Model You methodology to help answer key questions.
•    Plan of action.

What does the workshop look like?

Business Model You methodology in very flexible, which allows us to adapt to your specific needs.

We can organise a group workshop, which usually lasts one day. Or we can arrange individual session(s) - we can cover the basics in 2 hours, or we can dig deeper into some questions and hence meet several times.

We'd be happy to answer any questions, so feel free to approach us in the streets or call/e-mail us.