All this is good and we can have even more of it

We are proud to introduce our Idealists who have completed training workshops to transform their ideas into projects, obtained financial and mentoring support and have already started implementing their projects.

With each season of the "What is good and can be better?", the City Incubator provides us with insight into the 'scene' of young people in the city. The ideas that young people want to realize, focues towards improvement of their lives and the lives of local communities. What we find this time around in the program is an increase in ideas addressing the mental health of young people, ideas that include the arts as a (partial) response to the social needs of young people, a marked commitment to action and a desire to contribute. All expressed through ideas of co-creative and co-working projects and the need to raise awareness and disseminate what is important to young people today - for their future.

We are proud to present Idealists who have completed training workshops for the transformation of their ideas into projects, successfully obtained financial and mentoring support for their projects, and have already started implementing projects. They will be completed by the end of June 2020, and until then, we will introduce you to the 2019/2020 generation:

Jakob Puh with his team: MY LONG TIME / a series of research workshops on the mental health and psychological functioning of the individual,

Dominik Behlič: Null room / co-working campaign,

Manca Vertačnik withher team: zCat / awareness-activist campaign,

Jan Zupančič: Running away Generation / Music Album Release,

Jacob Bergant: Recycled Juggling / Circus Performance,

Nina Jelovšek: Just a little depressing / poetic collection with a poetic song and a music video

Taja Regent Veras: Hype up Slovenia / Introducing the New Krump Subculture,

Ziva Leben: Young to Young - Design Your Life / Workshop Sets for Creating Your Active Life,

Emma Otavnik: Agrodivision / Community Field,

Amar Toplić: Bob's community / hands-on project work experience,

Andreja Antolin with her team: P(R)OTEZA / campaign to destigmatize the elderly and

Zeta Toman Drinovec: What do you leave behind? Carbon footprint / workshop set with lectures and talks.

In the 2019/2020 program, we have also expanded the scope of our cooperation, which is a great pleasure for us. We know this makes us all rich. Approved by: Association of Young People, Parents and Children Sesame, Youth Aid Center CPM, NDP TOZD, Bob Institute, Ethnik - Institute for the Protection of Cultural Heritage, Nejc Osovnikar, s.p., Ana Monroe Theater, ZPM Ljubljana Moste-Polje, MPM and MC Ulca.

Performing support for young participants is also provided by Mladi zmaji and TiPovej!, who partner the educational process and provide financial and mentoring support in the program "What is Good and Can Be Better?". The City Incubator is supported by the City of Ljubljana.