BITE 2.0 Capacity Building Training for Cultural Operators Held in Belgrade

The Capacity Building Training within the project BITE 2.0 was successfully implemented in Belgrade, Serbia.

The training brought together cultural operators active in the field of contemporary visual art from Serbia, Belgium, Slovenia, and Spain to enable them to get familiar with the BITE 2.0 Contemporary Art Business Model (CABM) that will enable their artistic programs to become more attractive to young people and thus ensure the creation of a new audience both in the digital and in the re al world. The BITE 2.0 CABM will ensure this by providing know-how on creating interactive dynamic artistic programs through BITE Pop-up content based on new technologies and by positioning the work of cultural operators on the global markets through the BITE Virtual galleries.


During the training, participants gained valuable insights into how innovative tools and practices such as the BITE Art Tours, BITE IoT, BITE 360 or BITE Virtual Galleries can contribute to the success of their work. The training also enabled cultural operators to boost their cross-sectoral and transnational collaboration capacities, which will ensure the expansion of their outreach across borders.


The project BITE of Art 2.0 is co-funded by the European Union.