Cities of Learning Virtual Exchange

This time, we’ll focus on international youth mobilities: what are the opportunities available for young people to travel and participate in learning experiences around Europe? How to apply and participate in such activities as youth exchanges, training courses or even longer volunteering projects? If you’ve always wanted to learn more about how to jump on the Erasmus+ train and take your first steps into the world of international youth mobilities, join our Virtual Exchange!

When and how?

This VE is called “Youth mobilities 101”, it will take place online on Thursday the 21st of September, starting at 17:30 CEST, and it will last about 1h30. Click on the link to register via Zoom:’ll receive an email from Zoom detailing how you can access the meeting on the 21st.


What you’ll need?

To participate fully, you’ll need a device (preferably a computer) with reliable internet connection, and working webcam, headphones and microphone to interact with the rest of the group. If you’re not able to use your camera or microphone, however, don’t worry: you are also welcome to participate through the meeting’s chat.


Badges and Cities of Learning platform?

If you’ve taken part in some of our previous activities, you should already know about the Cities of Learning web platforms, where you can keep track of your learning paths, look for interesting educational activities in your area (or online, as in this case!) and get recognition for your participation and achievements through digital Open Badges. This activity is no different! You can find it and check out the badge and learning outcomes we’re foreseeing here.


For more info, contact us directly at: