Co-leading the International Network of Cities of Learning

Cities and Regions of Learning is an informal network (further - Cities of Learning Network or CoL

Network) of organizations that operate in more than 40 locations in Europe, Africa and Carribean. We

make learning open, accessible and inclusive to all learners, especially to young people in our locations.

We use Cities of Learning online platform and digital Open Badges to facilitate thriving learning

ecosystems and unique recognition systems.

For the first year work plan, we will mainly set the foundations to consolidate our Network’s operational activities aiming at these objectives:

  • To continue engaging, connecting and empowering young people to shape local, regional, national and European youth policies, especially non-formal learning and recognition.
  • To strengthen our capacity and impact on policy areas relevant for young people, specifically on non-formal learning, mental health, youth participation, sustainability and inclusion.
  • To increase our commitment and cooperation between Cities of Learning members and with external partners, such as public authorities at local, regional and national levels as well as European networks, initiatives and institutions.
  • To boost youth stakeholder participation in digital transformation and adopting learning technologies, specifically Cities of Learning platform, digital Open Badges and Badge Wallet.
  • To support Cities of Learning dissemination of policy recommendations, our good practices and results among members and beyond.

We will focus on such activities as:

  • Young people’s engagement
  • Connecting policy and practice
  • Networking activities (internal and external)
  • Cities of Learning platform
  • Communication and dissemination

At TiPovej! we look forward to cooperate and develop new projects and initiatives with this co-leading role we have taken on. Above all, we want to expand the group of our young ambassadors of the platform Ljubljana city of learning and pas on the leadership of the initiative to them and their vision. We also wish that the youth recommendations they helped to co-create in the 2022 COL Youth Forum in Germany (you can read them here) would be adapted for the Slovenian concept and spread throughout Slovenia via advocacy campaigns and cultural actions and in this was draw the attention to them by all relevant stakeholders.