Green Ljubljana

Did you ever want to change the world around you?

We invite you to join the group of  young people who will be trained to detect their super powers and external opportunities. Beside personal development  we will teach you all about  realization of ideas and project development. On the way we will  meet individuals who already Ljubljana enriched with their ideas, knowledge  and good work. We address them agents of change.
Together, we wish to create an incubator of  urban life quality, which will become a platform of education, support and realization of local initiatives.
Why? Because the future is created by citizens. We wish  to increase the number of proactive young people  in Ljubljana, who are spreading the virus of positive inquiries and successful experience of realization of  own ideas.

Currently, our project is named the Partnership for a Green Ljubljana because we want positive changes in the year, when Ljubljana bears the title of European Green Capital under the slogan: LJUBLJANA.  For You. Together with you, young people, and through the project cycle  we will create our new name.

We invite young people:
-  up to 29 years old;
-  unemployed (not to be registered at the Employment Service);
-  with an interest to rise the quality of life in Ljubljana;
-  with desire to be proactive, initiative, independence, to create projects for the    benefit of the common good;
-  who  like Ljubljana.


8th of  April 2016: training  Appreciative Inquiry  methodology  ( / positive inquiries and empowerment to carry out interviews  of  positive inquiries  with agents of  changes in Ljubljana ( influential people or people, who achieved shifts on better within their work field, they  search for new approaches to improve the quality of life in Ljubljana and they are role model for others).

SIGN UP till  April 6th  on  the following link:

Till 3th of  May: Implementation of personal interviews of positive inquiries. Each of the young person will  carried out three  interviews of approximately 40 minutes and record the outcomes to a special form, which will take an additional half hour.

1st of June  2016: From the  vision to the project - empowering citizens for green Ljubljana. This will be an interactive and inspiring event to present the results of interviews and try to find the ways to raise the quality of life in the city. Event will be held  in City Museum of Ljubljana.

June, September 2016: Young people have the opportunity to participate in the realization of one proactive cafe (participatory methodology for testing ideas) in local communities of  Ljubljana, max 3h, where they can, with the help of others, develop their business idea for development of  Ljubljana.

September 2016: Weekend training  "From Idea to Realization" and a one-day workshop to test ideas, plus 2 hours of mentoring  per idea. Young people gain understanding of the process from idea to realization, become motivated to develop their own ideas, know how to test it, make financially asses and present to the public. Training is addressing  skills of creativity, entrepreneurship and learning to learn.

November 2016: plan of success preparation which  will clearly describe the idea and indicate  the way of  its completion.

You will be  inform about the selection till  6th of April.

More information about the project:

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The project partners: TiPovej! Institute for Creative Society, Slovenian Association of Facilitators, Regional Development Agency of the Ljubljana Urban Region, Ljubljana Municipality, Public Institution Young Dragons ,  Student initiative Pogovorjevalnice, association NO excuse Slovenia and City Museum of Ljubljana.