Introducing »BITE of Art »

BITE – Introduction of new business model into European contemporary art operators to generate new young audience

Today in the fast-changing environment than ever, driven with rapid development of technology, new ideas, change of communication and habits of people, all industries faced a moment in which they will either refuse to adapt to new circumstances and eventually struggle on market, or they will embrace those changes and take advantage of it. This applies to all business today, same as it applies to culture and art. Surrounded with those changes contemporary art and culture remained distant from ordinary citizens.

Problems in their relation appears two levels:

- WAY of COMMUNICATION between cultural operators

- young people and INNOVATION in sense of offered CONTENT.

 Institute TiPovej! and Young Dragons cooperate in the project.

Support: Creative Europe (2014-2020) - Culture (Project cooperation 2019) and the Ministry of Public Administration of Republic of Slovenia.