Ljubljana city of learning - defining focus of the platform

In order to keep the activities on the platform relevant to young people, we conducted a short survey on their interests, which developed into defining platform focus

We asked 155 young people, who are living and/or studying in Ljubljana about their interests. The analysis showed that the following topics are most interesting and relevant for young people: personal development, communication skills, creativity and practical creation, sports activities and active lifestyle, career content, psychosocial content and counseling, music creation, social skills, art and cultural activities and learning to learn. We also find:

  • that young people lack practical content related to everyday life and successful functioning in the world of adulthood,
  • that most know their potentials, but look at them only as a hobby. They expressed the need to develop them and guide them towards sensible use of these skills,
  • that young people are aware of which forms of education are most suitable for them, which supports the trends of promoting self-regulatory learning and
  • that the tools for non-formal learning recognition are still relatively unknown.

You can find more information in the analysis itself (in Slovene).