Nurturing the world can also be a profession!

We are joining Social Innovators Slovenia in job shadowing and training young graduates of social sciences.

In many European countries, especially in the south and south-east of Europe, university graduates face difficulties in finding suitable and quality employment. This is especially true for graduates of the social sciences. There is a need for new approaches to job creation for these groups, especially within the economic sectors associated with their education.

The SOCIAL INNOVATORS project represents an innovative model which, on the one hand, addresses the challenge of a high level of youth unemployment, as well as the challenge of a low level of employment in the non-governmental sector. Such circumstances mean a huge loss of human potential and untapped opportunities to make a greater contribution to social change, not only in partner countries but in the EU as a whole. In the non-governmental sector, young people will gain work experience and be involved in some of the most important initiatives and programs addressing the societal challenges of today's Europe. As a result, participants will be supported in creating their own jobs in the social sector in which their education is crucial for further development.

We at TiPovej Institute are also opening our doors and are hosting 2 young graduates who will get to know through practical training at work:

  • Exploring the non-governmental (youth) sector
  • Observing the work of the project coordinator and the youth trainer
  • Upgrading their skills and competences
  • Preparing and implementing personal initiative

More about the project: