The world is riddled with conflicts and youth are one of the most affected groups today. Popularization of social media transferred conflicts to the online world, making them intensively exposed to its negative nature.

This is exactly what the New Age Conflict Transformation toolkit is about.

It is a perfect combination of offline expertise developed for conflict transformation and up-to-date online tools, creatively shaped with young people, by young people and for young people into methods for online conflict transformation.

New Age Conflict Transformation toolkit contains elements youth workers need - from theoretical knowledge on conflict transformation to explanations, dilemmas, advice and, most importantly, set of unique methods genuinely inclined toward conflict transformation. Separated into step-by-step guide, knowledge and information that New Age Conflict Transformation toolkit provides will boost expertise of youth workers for working with young people in the virtual world and will make them successful “Online Conflict Transformers”.

If you want to become an expert in online conflict transformation, take active role in it and step in the middle of action…
If you are aware of the increasing threat of the online dimension of conflict and see yourself as part of solution, rather than a silent observer…
If you want to help young people overcome challenges of modern age and (re)build our world into a more peaceful place...

Then our New Age Conflict Transformation toolkit is your guide toward it!

Check out our webpage and use the expertise we prepared for you for free!

The project New Age Conflict Transformation is co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.