Open Call for Participants / Digital YOu Online Networking Event + online fair

Do you manage a youth organisation and seek more innovative ways to operate online?

Do you miss the time when it was easy to connect, talk and engage with people during events?

If you've found yourself nodding along, then we’ve got something exciting for you!


What’s happening?

We're launching an international online networking event on the new DigitalYOu platform, crafted to enhance the way youth organisations collaborate, network, and organise events. This project is formed by an international consortium with partners from Belgium, Greece, Spain, Slovenia, and Serbia, and co-funded by the European Union.




Event Details for online networking event:

  • Where: Online on the Digital YOu platform and via Zoom
  • When: 27th - 29th May 2024

Event Details for online fair:

  • Where: Online on the Digital YOu platform
  • When: 12. 6. 2024

What's in it for you?

  • Connect and Network: Meet and collaborate with youth organisations across Europe.
  • Explore and Learn:  Dive into a platform designed for the needs of modern youth organisations, enabling more effective management and event organisation.

Who should apply?

Are you a youth organisation representative eager to explore new digital horizons? Are you looking to make your digital operations smoother and more engaging? If so, we’re looking for you!

Be among the first to experience and shape this innovative digital space. How to get involved? You must register for both events:

  1. For online networking event, via THIS FORM and express your interest. Afterwards we will send you an email with all the necessary materials and instructions for a successful participation. The deadline for registering to participate is 21st of May 2024. 
  2. For online fair, via the DigitalYOu platform and before 28. 5. 2024 to secure your spot. 



What happens next?

After the registration we would inform you if you have been selected. You should hear from us until 22st May 2024, where we will provide you with technical information on how to participate in the event and share with you a detailed agenda of the networking event. After, gear up to dive into exciting networking and collaborative sessions designed to not just connect but truly create bonds and foster innovation among youth organisations across Europe.