Our contribution to professional literature

We write about the method Personal Business Model You, which we use with young people, in a book about Psychological Approaches to Employee Encouragement

Under the mentorship of Professor dr. Eva Boštjančič, a book was published by psychology students at the Faculty of Arts in Ljubljana who attended the course "Career Development of Employees".

The book “How to Encourage Employees” Psychological Approaches from A to Z presents a set of diverse methods that we can all use in practice. The editors of the book write that the aim of the book is to create a never-ending systematic review of methods, procedures and approaches that can be used in working with employees (or young people) when we want to develop their behaviors, professional or leadership competencies.

Our employee also wrote a chapter in the book. She presented the methodology "Personal Business Model You - Canvas", which is regularly used and promoted at the TiPovej Institute. If we use the words of the author - because we believe that "... it is a great method for managing your career. In a world that requires a great deal of flexibility and agility, the canvas helps you to
build your personal brand and properly present oneself to the world. It also allows for regular self-reflection and a clear visualization of one's interests, abilities, beliefs, values, needs and possible limitations ".

You can scroll through the online version of the book (in Slovene) here.