Peace - Solidarity - Individual Freedom - Equality - Tolerance

Open call for young artists and groups of young artists from Slovenia, Serbia or Spain to express their activism through socially engaged contemporary artworks.

We are looking to support production and exhibiting of the 6 SOCIALLY ENGAGED CONTEMPORARY ARTWORKS produced by local young artists or art students. The topic of proposed artwork must respond to one, or more of these universal values: Peace, Solidarity, Individual freedom, Equality and Tolerance. The proposed artworks could be produced by individual young artists, or as a joint action of the non-formal group of artists and young artists.

THE AIM of the call is to support the expression of young artists and activists through socially engaged contemporary art’s works that are promoting basic European values.


  • We will give you all support in production your proposed socially engaged artwork. Firstly through the mentoring of the top contemporary art professionals and secondly by financing the artwork’s production costs in the amount of up to 1000 EUR.
  • Your winning artwork will be installed and presented at “BITE of Art” main contemporary art events in Belgrade, Ljubljana and Valencia which will gathers thousands of visitors.
  • You will participate at the 5-days international workshop event – “Finetuning master-class”, with all selected young artists, to learn and practice your artworks’ production from high professionals and professors in contemporary art.
  • About you, your socially engaged artwork and its exhibition we will film a short movie, and further broadcast it through BITE of Art network.

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BITE of Art project is co-founded by Creative Europe programme of the European Union.