We kindly invite you to training experience we will kick off a fun and inspiring learning journey with surprising moments and results. We will unlock creativity and (re)discover our abilities of working and thinking more visually by by drawing, doodling and sharing.


Working, thinking and learning visually recently has become a field of increasing  significance   and rapid growth. Visual Facilitation can be seen as the analogue  combination and application of text, shapes and  imagery to illustrate content and to  create meaning in order to support the transfer of knowledge and ideas. 

Workshop is appropriate for educational practitioners trainers, facilitators, team leaders, project managers….


For professional approach and creative learning will take care  Vanda  and Torben, we met them  last year in training course Ready, Steady, Draw! in Hungary. The way how they work open new opportunities for  us to use visual language in our trainings  and visual recording in different events and strategic meetings.

Vanda Kovács has studied Youthwork, Communications and Cultural Management in  Hungary. She is    devoted visual learner, napkin drawer and a freelance trainer, facilitator  and visual recorder.   

Torben Grocholl has studied Political Science and Communications in Vienna and Copenhagen. He currently lives Austria and is working as a freelance trainer and  facilitator in the European youth field. He is passionate about creative facilitation and  the power of visual language. 

Working language : English  

When and where : 17., 18. in 19. March 2016 (Thursday afternoon 13h -17h, Friday and Saturday  9h -17h), in Ljubljana.


210 EUR non-profit sector

310 EUR profit sector


Additional information:

tipovej{at}siol.net/++386 41 772705  (Sonja)