You can achieve a lot in life and we are here to help you.

We want to inspire you to do what you want.

For the Brave. For the Creative. For the Enterprising.


This is the motto under which primary school students will this year acquire new knowledge, be encouraged to think outside of the box and get motivation for the future.

The young will be coached by a superb team of entrepreneurs and successful individuals consisting of: Marin Medak, the youngest captain of a rowing crew that made it over the Atlantic and the only Slovenian who had ever made such a voyage. Matej Feguš, summer camp host who believes that fear is quite normal and failure useful, general manager and owner of the Donar ergonomic chair company. Andrej Mercina, architect, founder and general manager of the Trije arhitekti (Three acrbitects) company, also a writer of a column on creativity for the daily Delo newspaper. Leon Magdalenc, public appearance expert, author of numerous articles on television, radio, media appearances and communication issues. Tadej Zajšek, founding partner of, marketing expert. Manca Dorrer, an actress appearing in many Slovenian movies, started her career by playing a fish on stage, teaches theatre and film as an extracurricular activity. Mojca Bartolič, organiser of creative workshops for children, teenagers, adults and the elderly. Sonja Čandek, a highly experienced kindergarten teacher and youth worker. Ksenja Perko, motivator, mediator and coach for making ideas come true, cofounder and general manager of youth organisation TiPovej! What diversity and yet how complementary. The common point for all mentors is that they care about what is happening to the young in our society.

The summer camp will be a school for life, giving the young real experience for facilitating creative thinking and entrepreneurship. For setting ambitious goals. For reaching their dreams. A new topic will be introduced every day. Monday will be devoted to inspiration and motivation, Tuesday to living the dream, Wednesday will smell of ideas, Thursday will be used for growing those ideas and Friday will be set aside for the participants’ presentation to parents at the closing ceremony. This year’s camp will be especially important because the majority of events will take place in the Donar LAB company in Ljubljana, ensuring an even more authentic contact with reality. The programme also includes visits to Smetumet, a cultural and environmental society, established as a consequence of critical thinking and rethinking of garbage, daily habits and ways of modern living. Visits will also be made to the studio of the creative couple olgafacesrok, jewellery designer Olga Košica and graphic designer Rok Marinšek. The participants will moreover take a tour of the design agency Gigo design, where they will see how to get from an idea to a sailing boat.

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Because knowledge is not found in textbooks alone.