We successfully finalized the project Knights, with which we wish to support and assist young talents to develop their potential and step out from the average on the different fields.

By  offering  help in the frame of  non-formal or informal learning approaches, project  brings them possibility  to achieve their goals. In this way additional motivation from outside straighten the inner readiness  to experienced the dream job.

The essence of the project is in the match of right knight (well known person/star on his/her field)  with  young person with strong motivation and interest to become for example therapist, professional sportsmen, manager, etc   After the precise preparation of both parts involved in the  project they meet and young people get mentor from  desired area in our case  triathlon, music, architecture, movie, sport,psychology/therapy. In this way young people can get information from the first hand from the master /celebrity/ on the interested filed.

At the final evaluation showed that the project was successfully implemented and provided excellent support to young people in searching and designing their careers. With all gained experiences we will logically improve and upgrade the project to the future needs. 


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