Thirteen recommendations for companions to young people on their entrepreneurial path

We find ourselves in a risk society in which transitions to the labor market are already so precarious. We teach young people how to prepare a good business model for their ideas but rarely create space to address topics such as courage for their own path, managing uncertainty, dealing with failures. Young people also need the latter. And it is these safe spaces that provide support, allow mistakes and encourage questions, that can reduce the distance between theory and practice, between their potentials and reality.

In April 2021 we participated on a conference meeting, hosted by the project Inkbator4.O - an extension of the Social Academy in Ljubljana. Together with youth workers, teachers, entrepreneurs, young people and other we discussed topic of "HOW TO ENCOURAGE YOUNG PEOPLE FOR ENTREPRENEURSHIP?".

We also created 13 recommendations for educators and companions of young people on how to create spaces that encourage courage and equipt them with competencies for taking the risk and first steps towards creating their own (entrepreneurial) path.

You can find the recommendations in Slovene language here