Try your hand at escaping from an institution

Here is a digital escape room called Escape room - Escape from the institution. The project is a collaboration between three partner organisations: YHD - the Association for the Theory and Culture of Disability, ODTIZ Institute and TiPovej!. The project aims to raise awareness among young people on the topic of independent living for people with disabilities, personal assistance and de-institutionalisation.

Young people (with or without disabilities) face various prejudices and stereotypes in their daily lives, as well as various forms of discrimination related to them. One of the main reasons is the systemic exclusion of disabled individuals from almost all spheres of social life, which in turn means their invisibility and, above all, the lack of positive role models for young people with disabilities. All of this is the basis for perpetuating negative stereotypes and prejudices. 

Our project "Escape room - Escape from the institution" encouraged young people to get involved, to present their difficulties, to discover their interests, to actively participate, to exchange experiences and world views. Through a series of workshops and mentoring, they created a digital escape room, which we are very happy to share with you. 

You can find it (in Slovene language) on the Ljubljana City of Learning platform - here. Click on the room and you will enter the room of a teenage girl named Eva. To start the escape, click on the silver cup to see the game instructions. Make your escape from the institution educational and fun.

The project is made possible by the Youth Office of the MOL.