Twelve recommendations for companions to young people in career guidance

The world is changing fast. Our way of thinking is changing, we are increasingly overwhelmed by new technologies and the fast pace of life. We are feeling climate change and its consequences as a result of our past and present actions as a society, we are still becoming more and more individual-oriented. At the same time, the given circumstances in 2020 and 2021 again give us the opportunity to build communities and bridges between different generations and create a better world. Young people have a key role to play in this. Let's be their companions!



In December 2020, we participated in the Conference titled "How to prevent wrong career decisions?", organized by Incubator4.0 and Social Academy. Teachers, educators, youth workers, policy makers, partners, friends of young people and young people debated together whether, as companions to young people, we are equipped enough to accompany them to a world of new professions, where young people can be heard today and where they look for opportunities and group work, how they have adapted and what they have learned in 2020, how we can motivate and encourage them to be active and positive, and how to bridge the gaps between formal and non-formal learning. We have created 12 tips that we share with you here.