WHAT'S UP? No. 1

A series of online manuals for young people

We will gradually publish a series of short online tutorials, collectively called “What’s up?”. Each learning guide will present a publication which provides a concise and transparent overview of key information, practical exercises, methods and techniques that young people can use in practice on their own. We wish to provide young people with additional educational content to help them upgrade and further develop their knowledge, learn concrete and practical tools they can use in practice, and motivate them to take responsibility for their learning, career, creativity, thinking and finding new solutions for the challenges they are facing in their everyday life.

We plan to produce manuals on the following topics:

WHAT'S UP? – Learnign problems

WHAT'S UP? – My career path

WHAT'S UP? – Creativity

WHAT'S UP? – 21st Century Competencies

WHAT'S UP? – Social and civic responsibility

WHAT'S UP? – Digitaln learning

WHAT'S UP? – Youth work