Who are the young Idealists who co-create life in Ljubljana?

Idealists introduce themselves...

1. ZETA TOMAN DRINOVEC: What do you leave behind? Carbon footprint / set of workshops with lectures and talks.

“My name is Zeta and since I myself did not know where to find the information, I want to make it easier for you. That is why I am organizing a series of free workshops, where we will find out together how we can make big changes in small steps."

“The most important element of the preparations for my workshops was the formation of ideas and the research for experts who would share their knowledge. That is why my path to implementation was marked by negotiations with individual organizations.”

“I am very satisfied with the content and plan for further workshops. But I want it to be more successful in promoting events. I would also like to attract those who are indifferent to the climate crisis.”

2. NINA JELOVŠEK: Just a little bit depressed / poem collection with a set of poetic song and music video

"My project includes a collection of poems, a song with a musical background and a short video that covers the entire collection."

"For now, I'm still learning - I'm learning perseverance, dealing with doubts, chaotic thinking and finding side paths to reach my goal. Many times I set out to despair if Tara from the CPM Society, the organization behind my project, had not encouraged me to take steps forward. I think I should be less demanding and critical of myself, stop pushing myself to perfection and burnout, but let the current carry me.”

3. DOMINIK BEHLIČ: Null room / co-working action

“My project is currently in a state of cleanup. Dust, cobwebs and useless props are put away, but there is still a lot of furniture that we need to remove. So far there have been no problems. I doubt there will be any major obstacle that would stop our progress. I will also mention that I have already learned many small but useful skills. ”

“What marked me was the employment itself with the work I had done with my team until now. By doing so, I can only emphasize my satisfaction with my work and if I look back, I would not change anything. To conclude quickly, my current thought is that it is easier and faster than I thought.”

4. MANCA VERTAČNIK with her team: zMačkane / awareness-raising activist campaign

"We made an active timeline at the meeting and decided that every month we can make at least one wooden house for homeless animals, collect voluntary contributions for animals in different locations, record an interview with at least one society or shelter, and organize at least one workshop with young people. We want to raise awareness of issues related to the relationship between humans and animals."

"Since we started the project, we have successfully launched two campaigns in the wider world - "Instead of a rocket, buy briquettes!" and “#5challenge - Text message that contribures 5EUR for animal shelters.”