Education is important. But learning doesn't only happen in schools. It also occurs in youth organizations where different projects and workshops are being implemented. It is the part of education that is still organized, but at the same time also fun and creative, while allowing youngsters to develop all those talents that are not encouraged in schools. Dear parents, if you wish to see your child grow into a creative, independent and self-confident youngster, aware of their surroundings and not afraid of failure, make sure they also visit some youth organizations.

Network KROJ - Youth network for career developed was funded with the support of Youth Office of Municipality of Ljubljana out of need to create closer cooperation among organizations working in the youth sector in the field of career development. Members are organizations that create a wide array of opportunities for youngsters to develop their talents and competences.

Youngsters play an important role in these organizations, they decide individually or together with their peers about the projects they would like to carry out, propose their own ideas and are allowed to make mistakes which then serve them as learning opportunities. In other words, these organizations help youngsters gain competences and experience, build their personalities and self-confidence, and help them become people who more easily decide on career paths when facing this important decision.

As young people return to school, we invite them to also visit youth organizations. Just as all other organizations, also members of Network KROJ are open to and ready to welcome a new generation of youngsters. For more information and free cooperation, feel free to contact any of the members: Zavod Nefiks, Zavod Mepi, Zavod BoB, Javni zavod Mladi zmaji, Mladinska postaja Moste, Zavod Voluntariat, Mreža MaMa, TiPovej!