Motivational workshop for learning and work.

I learn therefore I am.

What does the workshop give you?
Through the workshop’s content, young participants become more efficient at and more motivated for learning. How can we achieve this in only a few hours? By using thought-through exercise which lead to better understanding of oneself and one’s learning process, as well as creating a plan for achieving learning goals.


•    Learning river – an overview of learning achievements up to now.
•    Getting to know and understand learning styles.
•    Presenting the importance of learning to learn competence and internal motivation to learn.
•    Intertwining the roles of teachers and students – asking precise questions, understanding feedback and learning together with schoolmates.


The workshop is 2 hours long. It can be carried out either individually or for groups.


TiPovej! co-established a two-year European project on the "learning to learn" competence, during which it developed practical approaches and new methodologies. We joined forces with seven organisations in a European network in order to create, carry out and analyse innovative approaches in the field of non-formal education with the aim to develop the "learning to learn" competence (knowledge, skills, positions), so as to allow the students to plan, organise, execute and evaluate their learning, especially through the prism of self-guided education.

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