The workshop to develop creative thinking and learn a fast technique to gather ideas.

Move your brain!

What does the workshop give you?
This fast and intense workshop helps with thinking outside the box. The participants start perceiving creativity as a skill, which leads them to new ways of thinking. They also learn how to approach the given tasks in a creative way and how to tackle different challenges. As a result, every individual will realise that they are also creative.


•    Introduction to creative thinking.
•    Customised exercises which test the participants’ abilities.
•    Adopting new approaches and tools for problem solving, creativity creation and idea generation. (Fast food for brains)
•    H-method of evaluation.


This workshop is intended for groups. The process lasts at least 2 hours, and it can be extended to 4 hours – duration depends on the group’s ambition and how many new ideas are needed.


Participants’ feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. They said that the workshop gave them an insight into personality traits that can enrich them further or allow them to achieve the desired goals. They moreover learn practical techniques for generating ideas that can also be used in everyday life.

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