Workshop on recognising and valuing competencies acquired in the field of non-formal education.

Let’s not allow the school to get in the way of good education.

What does the workshop give you?
The workshop will introduce youth workers and educators to the online and mobile app which helps them and the participants in their programmes to think about their personal, non-formal learning process and learning outcomes. Digital learning badges allow the users to evaluate and portray their knowledge in a fun and structured way.
The existing platform offers a systematic approach to all the gained non-formal knowledge and achievements, and shows how to present these to others, including potential employers.


•    (Re)thinking the valuing and recognition of the outcomes of non-formal learning.
•    Crafting a prototype of a badge which will serve as a basis for the digital one.
•    Introduction to the online platform and creation of online badges.
•    Gamification – using the techniques and elements of playing in everyday tasks and business processes.
•    Discussion on usability.
•    What to do after the workshop?


The workshop can be carried out individually or in groups.
Individual sessions last at least 2 hours, while group sessions last at least 3 hours.


Recommendation of the Council of the EU on the validation of non-formal and informal learning.

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