For which employers are you interesting and why?

Workshop for understanding ourselves and our values, and for moving into the wanted direction of employment or volunteer work.

Define your future before your future defines you.

What does the workshop give you?
The workshop will offer you new approaches to making the first step towards employment or changes in your career path. The used model gives you a clear overview of what you have, what you can do and what you can give to the world. The process that we will follow brings you freshness and motivation for future work. After participating in the workshop, undecided young adults who are struggling with choosing the appropriate course of studies will be a step closer toward making the decision. And the employed adults who are searching for new challenges will be empowered to rethink their role in their organisation, as well as potential improvements or even redefining their career path.


•    Values, missions, vision and goals of the individual.
•    What do I know and what do I have? Competencies (knowledge, skills, attitudes).
•    Using Business Model You methodology to help answer key questions.
•    Plan of action.


The workshop can be carried out individually or in groups.
Individual sessions last at least 2 hours, while group sessions last at least 3 hours.


Business Model You LLC – Business Model You® Certified Practitioner Certificate – Personal Business Model Canvas.

Participants’ feedback is extremely positive. They say that the workshop gives them insight into the possibilities for professional development, as well as rethinking and reshaping their current professional role.

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