Career counselling for young people between 15 and 29 years of age.

Career counselling or career guidance refers to activities that help young people make decisions about education, training and careers and empower them to manage and realise their life paths and goals. It is a process in which consultants collaboratively help users to clarify, precisely define, implement and adapt to decisions related to education and work.


Career orientation helps an individual acquire the skills to successfully manage their career path and as such includes:

  • informing about educational opportunities
  • information about professions
  • decision making for employment
  • competence training
  • application and interpretation of diverse assessment tools
  • encouraging experiential research
  • improving decision-making skills
  • teaching competence learning learning
  • creation of individual career plans
  • learning job search skills
  • resolving potential personal conflicts and developing interpersonal skills
  • coaching
  • support in case of stress
  • individual guidance and empowerment for independent career management


Counseling takes place:

  • individually at the TiPovej Institute! (live or via online tools),
  • individually within the framework of the KROJ Network Career Chat (via social networks, online tools or live) and
  • through the digital career youth center KAM'C on the Discord platform.


Career counselling is provided by certified experts (MUKS certificate) with many years of experience.

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