Training allows the idealists* to check their ideas and enables them to know how to prepare a plan for individual idea realisation.

Ideas are our opportunities.

What does the training give you?
By actively participating in this training, the participants learn how to identify their ideas and then also clearly describe them. They become able to visualise the way in which they will realise this same idea. They also make a mental picture of the first step they need to make and which is usually the hardest one. This knowledge can be transferred into any sphere of our personal and professional experience, from buying a car to patenting a new invention.


1.    Thinking about and preparing a crystal clear and lucidly defined idea.
2.    Presenting the idea to others and checking its clarity.
3.    Preparing the plan of realisation.
4.    Forming a clear picture of the first key step.
5.    Mentoring, if needed.

This training gives the idealists* an opportunity to speak to various experts , who have experience in realizing ideas and are successful in their own respective fields, which deal with the development of products or services, business counseling, marketing, planning and financing. They then dissect individual ideas and provide clear feedback.

* Idealist – a person with a concrete idea, waiting to fly high.


The training lasts for 16 hours. Workshops can be carried out individually on separate days or in a condensed 2-day event.


Mladi zmaji (Young dragons) City incubator – the programme “What is good and could be even better?” uses young people’s ideas to improve the quality of life and spread good in Ljubljana. TiPovej! carries out the workshops and oversees the mentoring process, while the Mladi zmaji City incubator guarantees the co-funding for project ideas.

Bank of ideas – TiPovej! training for idea realisers in Maribor.

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