A programme for fostering creative thinking and entrepreneurship, and providing encouragement for setting ambitious goals.

Because school is more than just textbooks.

What does the programme give you?
Through idea development we discover talents in young people, help them articulate their wishes and goals and equip them with knowledge and tools for their fulfillment. The programme is designed in a way that gradually gives motivation and inspiration for creation of new ideas to the participants. We invite entrepreneurs and successful individuals to join the workshops and share guidance and knowledge with the participants to help them carry out their idea until the final product.


The programme encompasses six workshops:
1.    Inspiration. A story by someone who managed to make their dreams come true.
2.    My dreams. We encourage the young to think about their dreams and ambition.
3.    I have an idea. Teaching creative thinking, looking for and selecting ideas.
4.    My idea is my opportunity. Knowledge to develop individual ideas.
5.    There is more than one way to do it. Possibilities to realize ideas.
6.    Presentation of an idea. The successful are able to present ideas; public speaking skills.


The programme is intended for groups, high schools and youth centres.
It is desirable for teachers or youth workers to be present at the workshops, as this will give them additional knowledge on entrepreneurship and develop their creativity, this becoming a role model for the youth.


Life school was recognised as an extremely successful and attention-grabbing project, and as such it received the national award in youth sector in 2015, within the Ministry of Education, Science and Sports.
Life school is developed and carried out in partnership with CEED (Centre for Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development).

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