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Entrepreneurship programme for young people in 3 secondary schools - Cooperation with CEED Slovenia on EU project CENTRES

Slovenia: 01.05.2012 - 31.12.2013

TiPovej! helped CEED developed an entrepreneurship programme, which contains a holistic learning progress combining theory with real case experience, individual and group work. The programme consist of a combination of workshops, project work, mentorship and networking events through which the...

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Looking for a job? Find one.

Ljubljana, Slovenia: 01.02.2012 - 30.10.2012

The project aims to reduce youth unemployment and address the lack of supporting infrastructure during their most difficult transition – from the education to the production system. The unemployment level for the young aged 16 to 24 in the 27 EU member states is twice as high as the average...

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"Learn, Learn and Learn …"

Ljubljana, Slovenia: 01.02.2012

The "Learn, Learn and Learn" project aims to bring education closer to the young in a fun and relaxed manner. Based on our research into education, teaching methods, key competences and theories dealing with informal and non-formal education, we plan to cooperate with the young to develop an...

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Creative projects - Workshops for youth in Ljubljana youth clubs

Ljubljana, Slovenia: 01.02.2012 - 30.06.2012

The creative projects are made of a series of workshops for the young in Ljubljana's local youth clubs. They present an opportunity for the young to become active and create their own products.

The programme will consist of topical issues such as jewellery, clothes recycling, love, decorative...

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