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Young Europe – Rethinking Democracy - 25 Years After the Fall of the Berlin Wall


The Fall of the Berlin Wall brought about extensive political changes in Europe. The young generation especially ought to learn about, and experience democracy and participation, tolerance and diversity, as well as convey the values of democracy in Europe, in order to defy extreme and...

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PKP HOLIDAYS - Brave. Creative. Entrepreneurial.

Slovenia: 25.08.2014

When young people gain knowledge, support for out of the box thinking, and motivation from entrepreneurs and successful individuals. PKP is a life experience that lasts forever. During the summer holidays we implemented a one week programme in the Creative Centre Ljubljana - Poligon. The aim of the...

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UNIQUE LEARNIG BADGES - Training for Educators and Youth

Slovenia: 04.06.2014

The set of an individual's informal knowledge, experiences, and skills is a hidden treasure that should be recognised and validated, and, with a variety of different measures, recommendations, and proposals, properly installed in both educational and work processes.

During the training we...

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Alps-Adria Co-working - Austro-Slovenian partnership


Co-working in the Alps-Adriatic region: a flexible way of working as a springboard for individual entrepreneurship and cross-border cooperation in the Alps-Adriatic region

Co-working is a modern way of working, which enables self-employed and other professionals to occasionally, or permanently,...

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PKP - My First Pitch Event - Event

Slovenia: 22.05.2014

Young people are courageous, creative and entrepreneurial. To help them believe these facts, and to really trust in themselves and in their abilities, entrepreneurs and successful individuals helped them with new knowledge, broader horizons, and assisted them with forming and realization of their...

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My Courtyard is My Playground - Creative workshops

Ljubljana, Slovenia: 01.04.2014 - 01.07.2014

Among the apartment blocks in Šiška and Bežigrad we implemented 20 creative workshops for children of all ages.

Children were taught how to make their own toys or play tools. At the same time we encouraged them to develop a responsible attitude towards the environment around their homes and to help...

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UNIQUE YEAR OF LEARNING - Evaluation seminar

Slovenia: 06.02.2014 - 11.02.2014

The evaluation meeting is the final international event of the long-term cooperation project "UNIQUE Year of Learning". Project seeks to offer systematic support measures for young people and local learning organisations willing to engage in European learning mobility opportunities of Youth in...

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Unique Year of Learning 2


With partner organisations, we continued with the project UNIQUE Year of Learning 2. To the project we invited organisations and people who wanted to learn about the opportunities of European learning mobility for young people, to develop their intercultural skills and learning skills.

In January...

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