City incubator - What is good and could be even better?

01.01.2017 - 31.12.2017 | Ljubljana, Slovenia

Together with young people, we started to create an incubator of urban life quality, which would become a platform of education, support and realisation of local initiatives. We believe that the future is created by citizens. With the project we wished to increase the number of proactive young people in Ljubljana who are spreading the virus of positive inquiries and successful experience of realising own ideas. For ideas improvement we supported young people with training "From Idea to Realisation" to finalise ideas before submitting them. A committee evaluated the ideas and selected the eight most promising. Public Institution Young Dragons contributed the seed money.

Due to realisation of the project ideas young people have opportunity to learn, gain experiences and possibilities of self-employment.

Project continues next year.

Support: Office of the Ljubljana Municipality for Youth, Office of the Republic of Slovenia for Youth