Welcome to a world of workshops, trainings and counselling for developing creativity, generating and realizing ideas and learning to learn.

TiPovej! is an educational institution focused on creativity, enterprise, courage and learning.

Welcome to a world of workshops, trainings and counselling for developing creativity, generating and realizing ideas and learning to learn.

TiPovej! promotes being different, innovative and creative. We offer advice for motivating co-workers, secondary school students and partners. We teach you to recognise knowledge and achievements of employees and participants.

We help individuals, non-governmental organisations, companies and educational institutions achieve success and satisfaction. How can we help you?

Creativity is an important personal, commercial and societal value.

TiPovej! is an educational organisation with a status of a youth organisation in the public interest. We are involved with developing ideas and creative thinking, enabling a creative environment and supporting creative individuals, organisations and projects.

TiPovej! carries out workshops and trainings at schools, non-governmental organisations and companies in order to help the participants find their own creativity, teach them creative thinking and search for new solutions through teamwork.

Fear of failure is nothing unusual – it needs to be conquered

TiPovej! is an excellent springboard for the young to achieve personal success. We help them move along the path to self-actualisation by teaching them creative thinking and idea realisation as well as encouraging them to set ambitious goals and make their dreams come true.

TiPovej! uses informal and experiential learning, promotes creativity as a value and helps people achieve self-fulfilment through national and international projects, independently or in partnerships. We take part in preparing and carrying out study visits and trainings.

Working in informal education, helping the young and fostering creativity since 1999

TiPovej! operates in accordance with the Europe 2020 strategy, which promotes key competences where personal fulfilment and lifelong development comes first.

TiPovej! - Institute for a Creative Society was established in 2005 in order to expand the culture of creativity, train to bring ideas to life and contribute to forming a creative society. Before that – since 1999 – TiPovej! operated as a project of the Office of the Republic of Slovenia for Youth.

In 2007 TiPovej! co-established the European UNIQUE – United for Innovation and Quality in Education network, the aim of which is to support lifelong learning by using non-formal and informal learning to develop democracy and active citizenship on all levels.

To dare means to succeed

TiPovej! believes that people who can clearly present their ideas have a greater chance of success. The greater the number of people who can realize their ideas, the more developed and successful the society.

TiPovej! wants to bring about a society that favours bringing ideas to life and create a social environment where good ideas will turn into projects and organisations and get realized. We want to establish and maintain an environment that is safe, tolerant and favourably disposed towards ideas and their implementation.


1. Characteristics of non-formal learning

Non-formal learning is always purposeful, designed with present learning goals and a method to reach them. The participants set the learning goals by themselves or actively participate in their creation. The role of the "student" crosses into the role of the "teacher" and vice versa.

2. Stress on developing an individual’s potential

The educational process fosters and enables the participants to achieve all the necessary values, competencies, knowledge and understanding to live fruitful lives. It also generates confidence and creativity in all life circumstances.

3. The method of work is learning that includes 3 key competencies:


means awareness of oneself as a learner, motivation to learn, the setting of learning objectives ...


the action when you dare to realize your idea when you dare to speak.


is a basic human trait that our way of working becomes a skill and preference.

4. TiPovej! workshops contribute towards personal growth of individual participants, improve group atmosphere and cohesion.

5. Execution characteristics:

  • Experiential and non-formal learning,
  • Active cooperation,
  • Creative solutions,
  • Open and accessible communication,
  • Accomplished process and implementation.


Program for realization ideas of young people in Ljubljana at the Youth City Incubator of Young dragons[Translate to English:] Program za uresničevanje idej mladih v Ljubljani v Mestnem inkubatorju Mladih zmajev

Also this year TiPovej! cooperate with Young Dragons within the program "What is good and could be better?"

The program "What is good and could be better?" is consists of training, mentoring and financial support for active young people between the ages of 18 and 29, who, with thoughtful ideas, improve the quality of life and spread the good and positive vibration in the city.
TiPovej! takes care of workshops and the mentoring process. The program runs from November to April and includes:
- 3 x 3 hours of workshops with experts for the realization of ideas,
- 5 individual mentoring hours with carefully selected mentors, who were also young at one time :),
-  selection of ideas – at the end of training  up to 10 projects will be awarded from € 200 to € 1000 co-financing the implementation.

The application is really simple, take a look. You have time to apply until 15.10.2017 at 12h!

Hint for ideas:
• Ljubljana is green capital (ideas that promote and spread sustainable approach and way of life)
• Youth for young people (co-create a program for youth during the summer time or better holidays in Youth Centers in Ljubljana)
• Intergenerational cooperation (bringing together different generations and their worlds)

What is your participation in the program "What is good and could be better?" brings:
- the way toward life and professional experience,
- the way toward work or service,
- the way toward of contribution to better life quality in the city.

In the City Incubator of Young Dragons ideas are transformed into projects and we will assist with their realization.
First, you apply with your idea than through workshops, discussions and entertainment you will move to the concrete project.
All projects will be then considered by a commission composed of experts from the field of youth, entrepreneurship and environment: Uroš Skrinar, director of MOVIT, Erasmus National Agency; Mladina, Barbara Bregar - Mrzlikar, director of CEED - Enterprise Entrepreneurship Institute and Alenka Korenjak, member of the Prostorož collective.

The Commission will select a maximum of 10 projects for realization, which will be held in cooperation with other public institutions of the City of Ljubljana and non-governmental organizations to improve better quality of life.

Criteria of assessment:
- the feasibility of the implementation plan,
- positive effects on the city,
- the possibility of wider use of the project,
- the applicant's commitment.

Sign up. Spread good and co-create the pulse of the city.
Your idea is important, make it happen! Apply until 15.10.2017 at 12h.

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