Welcome to a world of workshops, trainings and counselling for developing creativity, generating and realizing ideas and learning to learn.

People who can present their ideas clearly have a greater chance of success. The greater the number of people who can realize their ideas, the more developed and successful the society.

TiPovej! is an educational organization that carries out workshops and trainings at schools, non-governmental organisations and companies in order to help the participants find their own creativity, teach them creative thinking and search for new solutions through teamwork.

TiPovej! is an excellent springboard for youth to achieve personal success. We help them move along the path to self-actualisation by teaching them creative thinking and idea realisation as well as encouraging them to set ambitious goals and make their dreams come true.

TiPovej! wants to bring about a society that favours bringing ideas to life and create a social environment where good ideas will turn into projects and organisations and get realized. We want to establish and maintain an environment that is safe, tolerant and favourably disposed towards ideas and their implementation.


TiPovej! workshops contribute towards personal growth of individual participants, improve group atmosphere and cohesion.

1. Characteristics of non-formal learning

Non-formal learning is always purposeful, designed with present learning goals and a method to reach them. The participants set the learning goals by themselves or actively participate in their creation. The role of the "student" crosses into the role of the "teacher" and vice versa.

2. Stress on developing an individual’s potential

The educational process fosters and enables the participants to achieve all the necessary values, competencies, knowledge and understanding to live fruitful lives. It also generates confidence and creativity in all life circumstances.

3. The method of work is learning that includes 3 key competencies:




4. Approach and methods:

  • Experiential and non-formal learning,
  • Active cooperation,
  • Creative solutions,
  • Open and accessible communication,
  • Accomplished process and implementation.

5. Protocols and laws:

  • TiPovej! Institute act
  • Personal data protection policy
  • Law on public interest in the youth sector
  • Child protection Policy


OPEN CALL / DYOu VIDEO Give away campaign

Are you already registered on the DYOu platform? You want to find potential partners on the platform? Want to have a free promotional video of your organisation? Read more!

DigitalYOu platform is created to enhance how you collaborate, network and organise events. Important part of the DYOu platform is that the organisations are able to network and collaborate, an important element of that is presenting yourself and what you do in innovative and fun ways. For that reason we are giving away a video presentation just for you!

  • What can you win? A one minute animated promotional video presentation of your organisation! 
  • How can you win? Fill out this FORM and tell us what you are, what you do and why this video would be important for your organisation? 
  • When is the deadline? The deadline to participate in DYOu VIDEO Give away campaign is until 25th May 2024. 
  • Who can participate? Any youth organisation that is registered at the DYOu platform, if you are not you can do it now following THIS LINK!

Don't miss out! We are organising an online networking event on the DYOu platform from 27th until 29th of May 2024 where we will announce 3 winners of the DYOu VIDEO Give away campaign. Learn more about it here!


But this is not all. We are extending our give away and offering 2 new prizes! What can you win? 

  • One free session on the DYOu platform with a trainer from the consortium pool of trainers just for you!

  • One free session on the DYOu platform where we offer technical support from the beginning until the end! 

New deadline is 13th of June and you can apply via this form. For additional information email us ( or call us on 041/931-202


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