Entrepreneruship: Bridge to the future

Together with our partners, we have designed a week-long seminar for 28 youth workers from 14 countries will exchange good practices in entrepreneurial education with young people with the focus on updating content/methods and learn how digital open badges could enable validation, recognition and certification of competences developed in such programmes.

In particular, the seminar will focus on two approaches:
1. Entrepreneurial education - to exchange good practices and discover new methodologies.
2. Digital open badges - a tool for easily recognizing and meaningfully communicating what people achieve and can do.

After the seminar, the participants will conduct knowledge transfer in their organizations and together
with their local teams develop prototypes for upgrading their existing educational activities or
developing new ones.

Supported by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union.

Brave. Creative. Enterprising.

The youth are brave, creative and enterprising. In order to make also them believe this and truly trust themselves and their abilities, we help them with new knowledge, broadening horizons, and aid with idea creation and realisation. We live in a time when the world needs young people who are internally motivated, creative, ready to learn and brave. Those, who are not afraid of failure. The educational programme Brave. Creative. Enterprising. allows young people to shine in their talents and take responsibility for their future. It enables them to gain social and enterprising skills already in high school. It provides them with a space for vision, new ideas and opportunity to succeed. It encourages them to think about their own ideas and their own path towards becoming active in society and on the labour market. At the same time, it teaches them how to strengthen their capacities for self-realisation. It also develops their creative thinking and enterprising skills, which are the two most important spheres of today’s time.

This 30-hour programme is devised for high schools and youth centres. The process is enriched by young entrepreneurs and successful individuals.

Supported by: Office of the Ljubljana municipality for youth,  Office of the Republic of Slovenia for youth

Green Ljubljana – City Incubator

The programme “What is good and could be even better?” offers trainings, mentoring and financial support for youth aged 18-29 who have developed ideas how to improve the quality of life in Ljubljana and spread good in the city. TiPovej! runs the workshops and coordinates the mentoring process. The programme runs from November to April and it includes:
- 3 x 3-hour workshops with idea realisation experts;
- individual mentoring;
- between 200€ and 1000€ of financial support for up to 10 chosen projects.

We transform ideas into projects and help with their realisation.

Supported by: Office of the Ljubljana municipality for youth,  Office of the Republic of Slovenia for youth

Youth network for career development

In 2018, 7 partner organisations have come together to create and set up a Youth network for career development.

How do we see this network? Youth network for career development is a crucial actor in the field of youth career development. It is a relevant interlocutor to decision-makers, it connects the representative organisations, it sets quality standards in the field in question, and it gives access to quality information to young adults while also providing a space for developing their potential.

Supported by: Office of the Ljubljana municipality for youth,  Office of the Republic of Slovenia for youth

Itchy feet

In 2018 and 2019 we have partnered together with Zavod Voluntariat and Public Institute Young Dragons to carry out a strategic EVS project. We will bring together 12 volunteers who will present and inform young Slovenians from different regions on different international volunteering projects available to them. During the first phase of the cycle, the participants get to know concepts such as sustainability, global education and international volunteering. They also visit different organisations and reflect on their own views of the world. In the second phase, they form smaller groups and devise promotional activities, and plan their future work and methodology together. The last phase sees these activities come to life in different locations across rural Slovenia.

Supported by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union.

“Play! You can discover more about a person in an hour of playing than in a year of talking.” (Plato)

Following Plato’s quote, we will devote a lot of time to play to be able to get to know:
- ourselves (play as a tool for self-employment);
- other participants at the training (play as a tool for getting to know others);
- play mechanics (play as an expression of motivation and needs).

The aim of these phases is to better prepare the participants to know how and what to play with youngsters, to make them understand what they can learn about youngsters through playing, and how they can support youngsters by using different games or playful activities. to reach these goals, the second part of training will be devoted to creating new games based on the needs of local youth groups.

Supported by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union.